Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bruce Ratner's Plastic Surgeon, and More Brooklyn in Brief

- Workers at 340 Court Street seem to have taken the easy way out when transporting bagged asbestos from roof to dumpster. Gowanus Lounge

- Bruce Ratner to marry the plastic surgeon who called Michael Jackson a "nasel cripple." NY Post

- Phillip Anderson and his dog remain holed up at 475 Kent Ave. even though FDNY officials evacuated it on Sunday, citing potentially combustible grain from an illegal matzo factory in the basement. Metro

- Heath Ledger: Why, why why? Huffington Post

- Notorious Brooklyn landlord Joshua Guttman, owner of the explosively flammable Greenpoint Terminal Market, claims he's doing God's work through a $40 million real-estate deal in his native Israel. NYPost (Curbed has some advice: "Sprinklers.")

- CORD says "the RALLY date for our downzoning is January 24th not January 29th." Carroll Gardens Petition

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