Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Busy Chef's Conversion to Brooklyn Checkers in Progress

A construction crew is hard at work converting the ex-Busy Chef on Court Street in Downtown Brooklyn to a new Checkers fast food eatery.

The Blog Flappy Days first reported that Checkers would be opening in the space, and Tariq Ali, a manager of the planned Checkers, confirmed the news for the Brooklyn Paper. He said that the restaurant will have 25-30 seats.

Above is a typical Checkers interior; we can assume the Court Street store will resemble this when construction is completed. Though Checkers restaurants are usually drive-thrus, the company has adapted the model to reach areas where a drive-thru is not possible.

Exterior, Court Street, Tuesday morning.

Background: Busy Chef Manager Dan Kaufman was arrested last July. His activities are credited with driving the Busy Chef -- along with its sister stores, Blue Pig ice cream shop, and Henry Street's Wine Bar, Oven restaurant and the original Busy Chef -- out of business.

In addition to the $25,000 that Kaufman allegedly stole from customers, he also allegedly took much more from the business itself, falsifying the books to cover up the losses.

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Top and bottom photos by MK Metz; middle rendering courtesy of Checkers.

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