Monday, April 13, 2009

Peeler Guy, Joe Ades, Continued

Thanks to a reader for linking us to this updated profile of New York's most famous street peddler, the late Joe Ades, written by Howard Kaplan and published in the New York Press.

Numerous articles and obituaries have been written about Mr. Ades, both before and after his death in February. This latest, "The Real Joe Ades," pulls back the curtain even further on Mr. Ades' vegetable peelers, European suits, fancy restaurants and prime Park Avenue eight-room apartment.

- Last Chance to Buy Joseph Ades' Carrot Peelers
- RIP Joseph Ades -- The Man Who Made Selling Peelers An Art
- Joseph Ades -- NYC's Most Successful Street Vendor -- In Brooklyn Now

Photo from a video of Joe Ades by MK Metz

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