Friday, April 10, 2009

What's Going On at the Center for the Urban Environment? And More Brooklyn Briefs

- A guerrilla knitting collective is going to knit colorful sleeves for all 69 parking-meter poles on Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights. Brooklyn Eagle

- The Brooklyn Navy Yard has begun restoration of the two original gate houses at the Sands Street entrance. Brownstoner

- What the hell is going on at Brooklyn's Center for the Urban Environment? Why did it close? Why is nobody talking? Brooklyn Eagle

- Check out the magnolias at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden! Prospect: A Year in the Park

- Have you always assumed that chickpeas were grown in cans with Goya labels? The Green Pea grocer on Atlantic Avenue has a box full of pale green, sweet, fresh chickpeas. The Porkchop Express

- George Bush, tanned and rested, will be there. Condoleezza Rice will be there. So will Karen Hughes and Dan Bartlett and Michael Gerson. Seems like the old gang is getting together for a reunion. Will Dick Cheney be there? No, Dick will not be there. NY Times

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