Thursday, April 2, 2009

Discharge: Such An Ugly Word

Why can't we surround ourselves with beautiful words like "gambol" or "lilting?"

Why do our lampposts bear signs with words like "discharge?"

It's a hard city.

Photo of sign on Jay Street, Downtown Brooklyn by MK Metz

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Anonymous said...

A little penicillin should get rid of the discharge problem in about 2 weeks.

bj said...

haha... remember those old Burma Shave ads on the highway? Maybe there's another sign further down the block with more.

Janet said...

It would say, "Boarding".

These signs, which are for the weekend shuttle bus boarding and discharge points during the "A" train service suspension, are apparently put up high on the pole and semi-permanently, since they've remained throughout the several weeks of this particular subway project, despite some big downpours. Even with the signs and with MTA employees out on the Jay Street, weekends have been chaotic there.