Thursday, April 16, 2009

Does This Mean There Are More Female Nerds in Brooklyn?

Gal nerd tickets are sold out to the April 24 Nerd Nite Speed Dating event at Galapagos Art Space. There are still some guy nerd tickets left.

What does this mean, nerd-wise? Are there more female nerds in Brooklyn -- or are male nerds so antisocial they won't come out from under their rocks for even a three-minute conversation with a nerd of the opposite sex?

Friday, April 24 at 7 p.m. Cost: $25. Three-minute chats. Info here. Tickets here.

Photo of gal nerd by rochelle, et. al., creative commons license

Photo of guy nerd by dizfunkshinal, creative commons license.

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Anonymous said...

Or the obvious... as any good nerd knows, there are more women than men. Vis a vis, more single women than single men. Thus, more single men tickets unsold than single women tickets left unsold.

miconian said...

Doesn't look like a dating event to me. Wrong link maybe?

mcbrooklyn said...

Try this link. Scroll down a bit:

Anonymous said...

It's called decency. Speed dating? Even desperate men have goals and pride. Apparently the females prefer speed dating?

Dating said...

Doesn't look like a dating event to me.

Rebecca said...
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Dating said...

Wrong link maybe?