Friday, October 30, 2009

Brooklyn's Atlantic Avenue Tunnel Is Probably Haunted

We at McBrooklyn have written often about Brooklyn's amazing Atlantic Avenue Tunnel, discovered by Bob Diamond. (See links below.)

Diamond discovered the long-lost tunnel -- which runs under Atlantic Avenue between Boerum Place and Hicks Street -- in 1981, after hearing about the legend of a Civil War era rail tunnel on a radio show. After an eight-month search (during which he was repeatedly advised by City officials to give up on his lost cause) he struck gold -- uncovering, intact, the world's first subway tunnel.

Now (just in time for Halloween) an article in the Brooklyn Eagle reveals what may be evidence that the tunnel is haunted.

Fact: There have been sightings of a hovering green orb with a “sickish color."

Fact: Sleuths from both the Long Island Oddities and Paranormal Society and the Long Island Society for Paranormal Research have taken their voice recorders, electromagnetic field detectors and cameras into the tunnel, hoping to capture concrete proof of the haunting.

Fact: Numerous souls have met an unpleasant demise in the lonely tunnel deep below Atlantic Ave., including one body that was chopped up and embedded in the tunnel wall.

Fact: Huge spikes on electromagnetic field detectors have been recorded in the tunnel.

Fact: We still don't know What's Behind the Wall . . .

And there's more. Read all of the hair-raising details at the Brooklyn Eagle.

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Photo by MK Metz

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