Thursday, October 29, 2009

Transit Workers Union's 'Day of Outrage 2' -- Over the Brooklyn Bridge

In what was billed "Day of Outrage 2," the Transit Workers Union Local 100 "Took It to the Bridge" yesterday afternoon -- and all the way to City Hall.

In spite of the drizzle, hundreds gathered in Downtown Brooklyn at Cadman Plaza West and Montague Street, heard fiery speeches, then marched along Cadman Plaza, over the Brooklyn Bridge and into Manhattan.

The union is angry at the MTA, which is appealing an arbitration panel's binding decision to give transit workers 11 percent wages spread over three years. (Some legal details here.)

Union members blame Mayor Bloomberg, who has spoken out aggressively against the raises, according to the NY Times.

Getting a little support from the UFT.

Photos by MK Metz

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Philip said...

I didn't know you can appeal a binding arbitration. Also Bloomberg of course believes that he can change any law or ruling he doesn't like. Look what he did with term limits. Too bad he's going to win.

Anonymous said...

11% wage increase? In these times? That's insane! This union is way out of touch. Bet they want to retire at age 45 also?

lalaland said...

I propose a day of outrage at the lousy attitudes, slack work schedules, garbled announcements, closing doors on ladies with strollers, etc. commuters suffer daily from MTA workers. I'm all for unions but the whole MTA from union workers to top brass is overpaid, underworked, and unresponsive to the plights of their paying customers. Day of outrage my a**

Philip said...

Now you're going to make me defend these guys especially those with no seniority. They have crappy work hours. They don't get bathroom breaks as often as necessary. Lunch breaks are often limited to 30 minutes. Bathrooms when they can find one usually don't have soap or hand towels. They have to pay for uniforms. Days off other than the two they are allowed a week are limited. They have to make a schedule or suffer the consequences which usually means some kind of a hearing. They have random drug tests more than once a year. The average salary is about $15 an hour. If that's more money than you make then apply for a job. So think about all that the next time the train shows up on time which is most of the time. Stop your pissing and whining.