Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Letterman's Blackmailer Hires Brooklyn Lawyer (Naturally), and More Brooklyn Briefs

- New worries on Old Fulton Street: Vibrations from all that construction worry business owners and residents, who point out that many of the fragile old buildings were built on landfill and "sit on water – there is water running underneath them.” Brooklyn Eagle

- Bargain hunters: Oro's developer, Greenfield Partners, has announced that it will cut prices for the remaining Downtown Brooklyn units by up to 25 percent. Crain's NY via Curbed

- Who does the man who allegedly tried to blackmail David Letterman turn to? One of Gotti’s former attorneys, Brooklyn Law School professor and defense attorney Gerald Shargel. Brooklyn Eagle

- The Archdiocese of Brooklyn has banned drinking the sacramental wine during communion because of the spread of the H1N1 virus. NY Daily News

- SNL's criticism of President Obama is based on "flimsy" (read wrong) evidence. New York Magazine

- Researchers found that airplane pilots who ate the fattiest foods such as butter or gravy had the quickest response times in mental tests and made fewer mistakes when flying in tricky cloud conditions.

Huffington Post

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