Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Love Nipped In the Bud at the Burger Bash in Dumbo

This artist was chalking out the words "Ultimate Vodka" in front of Galapagos in Dumbo last Friday. We found out later an Ultimate Vodka event was about to take place there as part of the New York City Food and Wine Festival held all Columbus Day weekend.

Down the block, top burger chefs from around the country were competing at the star-studded Blue Moon Burger Bash at the Tobacco Warehouse, hosted by TV personality chef Rachael Ray. People paid $200 to attend. (Two tickets sold on a charity auction site for $800.)

You can see photos from the Bash on Dumbo NYC and at the Brooklyn Paper.

Here's another viewpoint: What went on there was called "a spectacle of excess" by Josh Ozersky (a judge at the Bash), writing for Vanity Fair. The winning burger was fine, he writes, but could have won without "its hideous toppings, its cynical marketing ploys, and the chef's ridiculous fedora."


Those who didn't travel straight back to Manhattan afterward on the Delta Airlines Burger Bus (complete with flight attendants and snacks) may have drifted over to Galapagos for a glittering night out and a bit of vodka.

But the Bash wasn't all burgers and vodka. There was love -- and love lost. Yesterday, under "Missed Connections" on Craigslist we read:

Rachael Ray ultimate vodka event/burger bash - w4m - 28 (Brooklyn)
I saw you as you walked into the Rachael Ray ultimate vodka event/burger bash this past Friday in Brooklyn. You were wearing a white thermal and jeans, you are tall with dark hair. We made eye contact and I was going to come over to say hello. But then you suddenly ran out. I thought you were going to come back but you never did. I felt we had a momentary connection and would like to get to know you. Please email if you felt the same way.

Girl, it's a crazy city. You eat your burgers, you drink your vodka, and just when you meet a guy, he hops on the Burger Bus -- and he's gone.

Photos by MK Metz

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