Monday, November 23, 2009

Danish Seamen's Church Christmas Fair Starts the Holidays Rolling

Did you notice a lot of Danish-speaking folks in Brooklyn Heights this past weekend?

The Christmas season got off to its unofficial start when the The Danish Seamen's Church (Den danske Sømandskirke) on Willow Street held its annual Christmas Fair.

Danish people from all over the city (and locals as well) came to buy Christmas ornaments, ceramic plates, hand-knit clothing, dolls, candles and candy, and to eat delicious Danish dishes.

For the last several years the fair has been celebrated both on Willow Street and at the Zion Lutheran German Church on Henry Street, where Danish open-faced sandwiches like frikadeller (like meatballs only better), roast pork drizzled with chopped beats, orange and prune, and more were served.

More treats were in store at the Danish Seamen's Church's backyard cafe (above), including hotdogs, dough fritters and the delicious hot drink, gløgg.

It was a lovely start to the holiday season.

Photos by MK Metz
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Anonymous said...

I've read about this on a couple blogs now. I want a frikadeller. Is this event open to the public? And is it Anglophone-friendly?

mcbrooklyn said...

You don't have to be Danish to enjoy the fair -- but most of the folks who go are Danish, and it's fun to experience their food and culture. It's open to all. Come next year with some friends and drink the glogg.