Friday, November 13, 2009

Platinum Brooklyn Parents and Their Platinum Babies Tonight, Nov. 13

We just received word that tonight Friday, Nov. 13, at 9 PM ET, a Brooklyn couple will be featured on WE tv's new show Platinum Babies. (Platinum, as in dripping with money and spending it like crazy on the baby.)

Here's a little blurb from the show:

"Tatyanna, a hip and eco-conscious writer, is not afraid to spend on her second child. Her family belongs to a trendy private lifestyle club in Soho, her friend invites her to a trunk show to preview exclusive maternity wear and the baby's christening happens on a Mediterranean island where the family is flown."

It seems that Tatanna is married to Michele. More details emerge on the show's website:

"They belong to a trendy private family lifestyle club in Soho where she can work out to prepare for her pregnancy and where their son Oscar can play as well. In order to prepare for natural childbirth, Tatyanna also has a doula and acupuncturist on her birthing team.

"An intimate gathering of Tatyanna’s closest friends takes place at a downtown hotel with an elegant meal prepared by the chef and owner and tailored exactly to her liking. Exotic floral displays add to the d├ęcor . . ."

The website includes a list of their expenses (and a vendor list so you can buy all that stuff, too). The list includes things like a $3800 Shower luncheon; $1200 Shower florals; $1941 Baby registry; $72 Chicken towels; $485 Organic bedding; $1200 Doula; $2100 Citibabes membership; $400 Trunk Show clothes; $680 Bassinet & Mosquito netting and $600 for a Custom swimsuit. (Where can we get us some of them "chicken towels"?)

Readers left some comments about Platinum Babies. Here's part of one:

This show the worst show I have every seen . . . In this horrible economic times, do we really need a show that conveys the message that . . . in order for your baby to thrive you need to spend $40,000 on a nursery and spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on clothes, equipment, etc. . . .

Here's another:

"waaah waaah waaah, so you are poor and you want to whine about it? Go be not platinum elsewhere sweetheart. Platinum is a way of life, and you are just a poor loser. You should be applauding characters like Pete and Jenna for having the courage to show off their platinum lifestyle before the likes of poor losers like you."

Does anyone know Tatanna and Michele? Do they really exist?

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ChickenUnderwear said...


These people are not "hip and eco-conscious".

Not hip because they are on this show

Not eco-conscious with a $1200 Shower florals

Phil Vitale said...

You don't even have to stick your finger down your throat. Just watch this. . .

jamie said...

the chicken towels are from a company called 3're welcome....