Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sleeping Nook On Livingston in Downtown Brooklyn

The new trees outside this building 111 Livingston Street at Boerum Place in Downtown Brooklyn form perfect camouflage for a sleeping nook discovered by several of the city's homeless.

With a high wall on one side, a virtual wall of bushes on the three other sides and a grate to sleep on, what more could you want in terms of privacy and warmth?

The old dead trees can still be found on Google Maps (see below). You can see they wouldn't make a very protected hide-away.

Top two photos by MK Metz
Bottom photo by Google

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I pass this "nook" everyday and it is deplorable. The management of 111 Livingston routinely ignores their responsibility to tend to this grate, leaving the boxes and refuse in the space untouched day after day after day, inviting the homeless back night after night.

Also: next time you pass this corner, look up at the American flag that flies on the flagpole just a few feet away. It is in tatters and left hanging by a thread in all weather conditions day and night. This management of this building is a joke -- and an insult!