Sunday, January 10, 2010

Arthur Miller's 'View From the Bridge,' Set in Red Hook, Opens Jan. 24

Liev Schreiber and and Scarlett Johansson will star on Broadway in Arthur Miller's "View From the Bridge," a hard-boiled drama set in 1950's Red Hook.

Called "Miller's most passionate and provocative play," View From the Bridge is set to open Jan. 24. Gawker's Richard Lawson was impressed by the previews --  ". . . one of the better productions I've seen on Broadway so far this theatre-year" -- and proclaimed, "Scarlett Johansson doesn't screw up once!"

Arthur Miller, considered to be one of the greatest dramatists of the twentieth century, lived for many years in Brooklyn Heights.


Anonymous said...

Brittany Murphy played the female role in the 1997 revival. She was very good.

Anonymous said...

My friend just tried to get tickets -- pretty solidly booked for a month.