Friday, January 29, 2010

If You Stayed Nine Nights In Each Hotel in the Brooklyn Pipeline . . .

. . . You'd be living the hotel life for a whole year, according to an article in the Brooklyn Eagle, which says 40 new hotels are on their way to the borough.

Eventually, there will be 2,500 hotel rooms in Downtown Brooklyn alone, including 650 rooms at the Marriott. There will be at least seven hotels in Gowanus. (Go figure.)

We were totally shocked, by the way, to see a new Super 8 Motel on Third Ave. (near President Street) the other day. Kind of a quiet neighborhood for a motel, isn't it? (Everyone in the car said, "What's a motel doing out here?" at the same time.) It's not open yet but the sign is up.

When we checked the Super 8 web site, it said the motel is surrounded by a "resort-style" neighborhood. Couldn't wait to see the resort so we checked with Google Maps and found this image of the street in front of the motel (you can see a bit of the motel to the far right).

Guess it depends on your definition of "resort." Our definition usually includes a water feature and drinks served in coconuts carved into funny monkey faces.

Super 8 is missing the boat here. They should market the unique Brooklyn urban experience to be found on Third Ave.: "One block from the South Brooklyn Casket Company!"  "Plenty of auto repair shops nearby!"

Photo by Google
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Philip said...

What's the bed bug count at these hotels?

Anonymous said...

Check here:

bj said...

Actually a friend told me that they're open now. But when I went to their web site to try to make reservations it wasn't taking any. What's up?