Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Quick Look at Brooklyn's Tallest Building

We were walking down Lawrence Street the other day when we ran across the tallest building in Brooklyn.

It's The Brooklyner apartment building at 111 Lawrence in Downtown Brooklyn. It's either 515 or 516 feet tall (51 stories). That's one or two feet taller than the Williamsburg Savings Bank building. Here are a few quick facts to bring you up to date:

Brownstoner said that The Brooklyner was 20 percent rented as of Dec. 28, and that move-ins were underway.

Curbed noted the rather odd banner hanging off the side of the building.

The Brooklyn Eagle reported that the “pet-friendly” building has a dog shower on the fourth floor “so you don’t have to bathe your pet in your own apartment.”

The architect Randy Gerner, a partner in the firm of Gerner Kronick and Valcarel, told the Brooklyn Paper that the building is not ugly: “If you look closely, you’ll notice that the building gets lighter in color as it rises from the street. It gives the sense that the sun is shining, like looking at a mountain from far away.”

Do you see that? (We don't.)

Here's the view from the top of the Brooklyner from a helicopter.

A taller building may be built soon on Willoughby Street. 

Top photo by MK Metz
Bottom photo courtesy of Brooklyner

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Junkman said...

Can I assume that taller building will be CityPoint ? Downtown Brooklyn will develop, it just may take 10 years to be a viable neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

That's not the view from the top. That's a rendering of the building. Look closely the building in the middle of that image is the "brooklyner"

mcbrooklyn said...

Good catch -- we've changed the post.