Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Would You Pay Fox a Dollar a Month? Take the Poll!

Would you pay a dollar a month extra to watch shows (House -- American Dad -- Family Guy -- Glee) on Time Warner Cable that Fox supplies for free over the air and online?

Fox and Time Warner recently settled their little argument about what Time Warner will pay Fox for its programming. Now we're waiting to see what the bill will be.

Would you pay a dollar on top of that $65 a month you're already paying Time Warner? Is it time for a la carte programming? (This allows you to pay for only the channels/shows you want to watch.)

Let us know what you think -- Take the poll on the sidebar to the right, under the long ad. We'll tally the results next week.

(Pictured is Alpha, our favorite character from Joss Whedon's Dollhouse.)

Would You Pay Fox a Dollar a Month?

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