Friday, March 12, 2010

More Details On Montague Wine Shop Fire, Brooklyn Heights

Here are more details and photos of the fire that took out the popular Montague Wine & Spirits shop and the laundromat at 78 Montague Street yesterday.

 According to the Brooklyn Eagle, the fire started in the laundromat, then spread to the wine shop, causing extensive damage. There was a “heavy body of fire in the rear,” Chief Costello told the Eagle, with extension into the liquor store through the ceiling in the rear of the store. (The Brooklyn Paper says the fire started in the wine shop.)

No official word yet on the cause of the fire, though a commenter on the Brooklyn Heights Blog says it was an electrical fire that started in the laundromat.  

The tin ceilings were pulled down inside the wine shop and there's a hole in the roof. (Above, firefighters carry charred pieces of the roof.)

The windows were boarded up by 9 p.m. last night, though workers were still at the scene past that time. Karl Junkersfeld has posted a video on the Brooklyn Heights Blog showing the aftermath of the fire.

- Fire At Brooklyn Heights Wine Shop

Photos by MK Metz

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Anonymous said...

I'm really upset that two neighborhood laundromats have been destroyed by fires. This leaves so many neighbors in the lurch. That is the real story. The laundry at 78 Montague was owned by a nice family and employed hard working people who worked very long hours to service our community. The owners are a youngish couple with some children. They are our neighbors. I am sorry for the liquor store but truthfully the focus on the liquor store is a big turnoff and very telling of what people value in this neighborhood. Keep hoisting!

bj said...

These were two good local businesses and now we're without both of their wares.
Someone reminded me that there is a laundromat down on Joralemon and Columbia Pl.

Anonymous said...

Focus SHOULD be on the wine shop. There is no other place to buy alcohol in the area and its open until 10PM...which for BH is fantastic. Montague Street has terrible restaurants and few interesting shops, the wine store was a gem.