Tuesday, February 15, 2011

20 Henry Street's Owners Defend 'Unsafe' Leviathan Construction, But Somebody Better Fix That Fence

Last week Brooklyn Heights Councilman Steve Levin (and Ironworkers Union Local 46) criticized Canyon Johnson Urban Funds for hiring Leviathan Construction Management to work on 20 Henry Street, saying the company was "irresponsible" and had a bad safety record.

Leviathan faces up to $35,000 in fines at the luxury condo development at 20 Henry, according to the NY Daily News, and has 180 violations at their other projects around the city.

Now Canyon Johnson has posted a defense of Leviathan on the sagging fence surrounding the project. Canyon Johnson says that the best measure of a contractor's safety is its "loss experience rating," and says that Leviathan's rating is better than average.(Click image to read the whole statement, or read it here.)

Meanwhile, holds your kid's hand when walking by the site: a section of the fence was down yesterday morning. A deep, slush-filled pit, dug for the foundation of the planned second building, is right on the other side of the caution tape.

 This is safe? We looked around for a worker to ask when the fence would be fixed but no one was around.  We'll check back later today to see if the fence is still down.

UPDATE: The fence was back up on Tuesday, except for the southernmost section where it touches the building.

Photos by MK Metz

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