Monday, February 21, 2011

Deadly Fire, Catherine Deneuve, Sketchbook Project, and More Brooklyn Briefs

As the investigation into what caused Saturday's deadly five-alarm Brooklyn apartment building fire  continues, fire department union leaders blamed recent staff reductions for the amount of time it took to fight the blaze. CBS

- A month of Catherine Deneuve at Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM). NY Times

- A powerful 50 mph gust of wind sent a two-by-four piece of lumber whizzing through the air piercing a 63-year-old Brooklyn man in the head Saturday. NY Post

- A convicted murderer had his own Facebook page and even joined a Facebook tribute for the prostitute whom he murdered. Brooklyn Eagle

- The Sketchbook Project comes to Brooklyn.  Gothamist 

- In a daring nighttime run, a New York City police helicopter hoisted two shivering West Point cadets early Sunday morning off an 18-inch-wide ledge on Storm King Mountain, where they had been stranded for more than eight hours. NY Times 

- Novelist Jonathan Lethem told the LA Times that Brooklyn has become "repulsive with novelists." You can take the Brooklyn quiz here. Guardian

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