Friday, February 25, 2011

Not a Lesbian Romp; Save P.S. 114; and More Brooklyn Briefs

Supporters rallied at DOE headquarters yesterday to protest the city’s controversial plan to shut down a century-old Brooklyn school, P.S. 114.  Brooklyn Eagle

- Now in Brooklyn: homegrown tobacco -- local, rebellious and tax-free. NY Times

- Brownstoner highlights Country Living's take on Brooklyn as down-home heartland of America. Commenters have a field day. Brownstoner 

- A Williamsburg nightclub plays its dance music so loud it sent its sleepless neighbors to the hospital. Brooklyn Paper 

- Lawsuit by Brooklyn teachers who allegedly had sex in classroom say whole lesbian romp thing was made up. Brooklyn Eagle

- With all that's happening in Libya, New Zealand and Wisconsin, it's time to get really upset about people who have their nannies work their shift at the Park Slope Food Coop.  Brooklynian NY Times Gothamist

- Adorable old dog rescued by dolphin. NY Magazine

- Sadly, lots of dead baby dolphins are washing ashore in the Gulf.  NY Magazine

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