Thursday, December 22, 2011

Busing New Jersey Nets Fans through Brooklyn?

Ron Shiffman, a professor at the Pratt Institute’s Center for Planning and the Environment and treasurer for Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn, is looking for ways to cope with the massive influx of traffic Barclay's Center is expected to generate.

According to The Brooklyn Ink, Shiffman suggests that "there should be ferries to take fans from New Jersey to the Brooklyn waterfront, then a shuttle or trolley to take them to the arena. This service is needed since the Nets are a New Jersey team, with a fan base in that state."

The maps above show two possible routes the shuttles could take through Brooklyn -- one from the ferry landing at Pier 6 at Brooklyn Bridge Park, another from Red Hook. 

How many Nets fans will drive to Brooklyn from New Jersey, and how many would travel to Brooklyn if they could take a ferry?

John Brennan of the North Jersey blog interviewed Dan Lefton, vice president of suites sales and premium seating for the Barclays Center. According to Lefton:

"Some Nets officials sensibly have theorized that the Nets could draw a respectable Jersey crowd for Saturday and Sunday afternoon games, when the least amount of traffic would be expected. But automobile-riding suburbanites may find it difficult to find parking, so the best hope for a Jersey audience is from those willing to take a subway or two. Of course, those lines run less frequently on weekends. That means the Nets may find it challenging to come up with a way to attract Garden Staters."

Adding ferries and shuttles would certainly attract more Garden Staters. How many shuttles would be needed and what would the impact be on Atlantic Avenue and local Brooklyn streets before and after games?

According to Nets Daily, ferries may already in the works for the players:

"So in that first season in Brooklyn, how do the Nets get from New Jersey, where most of the players and coaches live, to Barclays Center? One possibility we hear: chartered ferries which would pick up players at a slip in New Jersey, possibly Jersey City, and then down the Hudson (past the ice floes?) and around the Battery to a slip in Brooklyn, where buses would whisk them to the corner of Atlantic and Flatbush."

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Anonymous said...

They will drive.

Anonymous said...

If you're going to bus patrons to Red Hook on evenings and weekend afternoons for ferries, then talk with IKEA to use their parking facility.
They might like the business.

Anonymous said...

And why would Brooklynites want more buses on streets that are already dangerously overcrowded? Don't encourage them.

Chicken Underwear said...

People who drive everywhere they go (like most people in NJ) will drive to Nets games. People who regularly take mass transit will take mass transit. Nobody is gonna take the ferry, at least not more than once.

How many people take the ferry to Met games?

Anonymous said...

Are you f'n kidding? Keep those degenerate in JERSEY