Monday, December 5, 2011

Chaos in Brooklyn Supermarket; Jewish Magazine Says 'Gentiles Are Evil'; and More Brooklyn Briefs

- Occupy Wall Street heading to East New York, Brooklyn, on Tuesday. NY Daily News

- A Hasidic Jewish monthly magazine, Der Blitz, based in Borough Park, Brooklyn has begun blotting out the faces of non-Jews in its photographs because "gentiles are evil." Failed Messiah

- The Seddio family has opened their 48th annual no-holds-barred holiday display in Canarsie. The display  includes lights, animated figures, a hot air balloon, Ferris wheel and talking animatronics. Brooklyn Eagle

- Brooklyn man sues mother-in-law for spreading rumors that he is infertile and ridden with so many venereal diseases he will be dead in a few months. Gothamist

- Courageous cops rescued a dangling worker from death after a scaffold collapsed in Crown Heights on Saturday. NY Daily News

- Brooklyn artist sculpts "Futurama" characters in 3-D. Technobob

- Video: SUV crashes into Brooklyn supermarket on Nostrand Avenue, causing chaos and injuring man buried under wall of canned goods. Looters rush in, strip store. Gothamist

- Changing demographics in Downtown Brooklyn: Battles over evictions continue at Willoughby Square, the planned park that would displace the only remaining rent-regulated apartments in the neighborhood. The Brooklyn Bureau

- The U.S. Postal Service is pushing ahead with unprecedented cuts to first-class mail that will eliminate next-day delivery. The Street

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