Monday, December 12, 2011

Downtown Brooklyn 'Genius School' Campaign; God Kills Hasidic Man? And More Brooklyn Briefs

- New ad campaign backs NYU bid to build city’s "genius school" in Downtown Brooklyn. NY Daily News

- The Brooklyn DA's office has arrested 85 sexual predators and identified 117 victims after an investigation into sexual abuse in Brooklyn's Orthodox Jewish community. NY Magazine

- What Abe Lincoln and the G spot have to do with Brooklyn. Atlantic Wire

- Bikers and pedestrians are increasingly victims of fatal accidents and drivers have been getting off nearly scot-free. Brooklyn Eagle

- Authorities shut down two subway lines under Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn Saturday night after an iPhone thief dashed into the tunnel. Gothamist

- A rabbi says that a Hasidic (Jewish) man hit by a car in Williamsburg Friday night was killed by God because he used the eruv, a "fence" made up of wires that encloses an area so Orthodox Jews can carry objects outside on Shabbat. Failed Messiah

- After a park ranger was dressed down for arresting a pervert in Prospect Park, all park rangers are getting stepped-up police training. Brooklyn Paper

- Now the government is occupying Zuccotti Park. WYDNKBYANM

- EPA's report on hydrofracking in Wyoming may influence debate in New York. Gothamist

- Norway is entirely out of butter because a fad diet has them stuffing their faces with it. Really.  Gizmodo  

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