Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Brooklyn Prepper Part 5: What To Do In a Pandemic

From our most favorite disaster prepper ever, the Brooklyn Prepper tells us what to do when the pandemic happens. Especially if it gets really crazy out there.

In this video (warning: 51 minutes) we learn: How do you set up a quarantine room? What do you do if a distant branch of the family shows up at the door? What do you put in your Pandemic Box?

Unlike your typical Walmart-style disaster preppers, Brooklyn Prepper has a uniquely urban perspective. His many videos outline the best way to navigate traffic when the power's out, how to map out your survival plan before the S* Hits The Fan, what emergency items to pack in your kids backpacks, water sources, getting food together, how to construct a blow gun out of PVC pipe.

Favorite quotes from this video:

"Once a weapons-grade flu goes airborne, all bets are off."

"When it comes down to survival, the more the merrier. You think you're going to go to your buggout situation and survive by yourself? What if you break your legs? Who's going to go out hunting, go fishing?"

"I can teach someone to defend themselves with a rifle in two days. It's not rocket science."

- Brooklyn Prepper Gives Survival Tips For When SHTF

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