Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Brooklyn Prepper Gives Survival Tips For When SHTF

 Worried about emergencies like solar flares, hurricanes, food riots or other disasters? Brooklyn Prepper tells you how to prepare for the worst.

Unlike other disaster preppers (who lean heavily towards isolated cabins, guns and beef jerky), Brooklyn Prepper has a uniquely urban perspective: the best way to navigate traffic when the power's out (he has a moped), how to map out your survival plan before the S* Hits The Fan, what emergency items to pack in your kids backpacks, water sources, getting food together, and best of all, how to construct a SHTF blow gun out of PVC pipe: "Now let me show you how to make the darts . . . this is where the fun stuff comes in."

Also, unlike most other preppers, Brooklyn Prepper has a sense of humor!

You can see more of Brooklyn Prepper's videos here.

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