Saturday, August 27, 2011

Before Hurricane Irene Hit Brooklyn Heights

We were wandering around Brooklyn Heights before Hurricane Irene this evening. After a day of taping windows, clearing balconies, filling bathtub, charging batteries, etc, we were hungry. Most stores and restaurants had closed or were putting on the last bit of tape or plywood. That's the Plymouth Deli on Henry Street, above.

In spite of buying about a hundred dollars worth of survival food and water yesterday, we were looking for something good. Gristedes was pretty much sold out.

Key Food on Montague Street was closed.

Even Starbucks was closed!

But there, like a lovely oasis, was Lassen & Hennigs. Neighborhood folks were shopping like there wasn't going to be a hurricane in a couple of hours and they had plenty of everything that all the other stores were out of: cases of water, salads, pastas, dinner stuff, sandwiches, snacks, but best of all . . .

Hot, juicy, mouth-watering, fresh-roasted chicken! Way to go, Lassen! We're coming here before every hurricane.

Photos by MK Metz

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bj said...

I was there too! Stuffed shells.