Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Republicans Furiously Working On Next Expensive, Time Wasting Disaster for America

Now that the country has managed to barely parry the the latest assault by the right wing, Republicans are secretly making plans for the next, even bigger, catastrophe.

What have they devised? You can bet it's in the works already.

Another birther assault? A manufactured debt-ceiling drama?

Perhaps next the Tea Party will claim that President Obama has had a chip implanted in his brain by aliens from the planted Magori, and will demand X-rays to prove otherwise. Plans to solve our economic problems will be shelved when a rising chorus (paid for with dirty Koch money) shrilly screams "X-rays! X-rays!" as a shocked world frantically loads up on gold.

You would almost think that a hostile foreign power had programmed and planted George Bush, Dick Cheney, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, David Koch and the Tea Party to bring us down.

Photo by Medill DC, Creative Commons license

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