Tuesday, August 9, 2011

'Brooklyn Butcher' In Court Today; Learn to Mummify Your Pets; and More Brooklyn Briefs

- Brooklyn woman teaches how to mummify your pets. She's also a necromancer, blood sorceress, and a licensed funeral director. Park Slope Patch

- The city wants to deactivate the remaining street fire alarm boxes, but a lawsuit and some practical questions stand in the way. Brooklyn Eagle

- "I never gave up hope. I prayed, meditated, and now he's with us again," 47-year-old Bonni Marcus said upon being reunited beloved monkey doll Bongo, who went missing in Park Slope last week." Gawker

- Manhattan gets Summer Streets. And the other boroughs get . . . ? Queens Crap

- 16-48 month prison sentence for driver who put Bloomberg aide in vegetative state. Gothamist

- Maksim Gelman, known as the “Brooklyn Butcher” for his 28-hour stabbing spree in February, is due in court today. Gelman stabbed three people to death, killed a pedestrian with a car, injuring several people while hijacking cars, and attacked people on the subway -- after which he said he had a "doozy of a day." Brooklyn Eagle

- More than 100 New Yorkers are bitten by rats every year, not to mention other extremely disgusting acts. NY Magazine

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