Monday, December 5, 2011

85-Year-Old Grandma Strip Searched at JFK: May Sue

An 85-year-old grandmother from Long Island plans to sue the TSA after a humiliating strip search by agents at JFK Airport, according to the NY Daily News.

Lenore Zimmerman, 4-foot-11 and in a wheelchair, said TSA officers brought her to a private room, pulled down her pants (even her underwear, she told the New American and ABC News) and made her raise her arms above her head.“Why are you doing this?” she said she asked the agents, who did not respond.

Her walker banged against her leg and left a bleeding gash which soaked her sock. The wound was exacerbated by the elderly woman's use of anticoagulants. A medic had to treat her injury and she missed her flight.

TSA spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein said “proper procedures were followed.” The screening was not recorded on video tape, according to the Miami Herald.

Illustration courtesy of this French artist:
TSA agents are also targeting screaming toddlers and terrified children. (See here and here.)

Airport screeners in Florida look like total idiots for detaining a pregnant teenage woman over a purse with an embroidered antique gun image on the outside. Apparently TSA told her possession of the purse was a “federal offense.”

The New American quotes a recent Congressional investigation which found TSA screening was based on “theatrics” and had failed to catch one single terrorist so far. "And despite close to $60 billion spent on the apparatus since the attacks of September 11, air travel is no safer."

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