Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Brooklyn Councilman Greenfield Launching TSA Abuse Web Site; Working to Ban Airport Scanners

Will Forward Reports of Sexual Abuse to Prosecutors' Offices

Brooklyn Councilman David G. Greenfield has scheduled a City Hall press conference for this afternoon (November 24th) to announce the launch of a web site where travelers can report inappropriate conduct by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents.

The website will also offer information to travelers about their rights, including the right to opt-out of full body scanning machines that produce a nude image of the traveler. (We've received a report that TSA agents at Kennedy were wrongly telling travelers yesterday that they do not have the right to opt out. This is blatantly false.)

Many security experts insist that these invasive scanners do not stop terrorists from bringing explosives onto planes. Last week, Councilman Greenfield announced legislation that would ban the use of full body scanners, more commonly known as "naked body scanners," in all of New York City – including John F. Kennedy International and LaGuardia.

“Unfortunately, travel delays won’t be the only headache for millions of Americans in the coming weeks," said Councilman Greenfield. "This holiday season, travelers will have to contend with egregious violations of their rights and a complete disregard for their dignity as they fly to visit with friends and family for the holidays. While I work with over a dozen of my colleagues in the City Council who are supporting my proposed ban of these naked body scanners in New York City, I hope that this website can serve as a resource for travelers and a warning for TSA agents that they will be held accountable for any misconduct.”

Any information collected on the website regarding allegations of sexual battery at New York’s airports will be forwarded to the local prosecuting office.

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