Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cathie Black's Appointment as NYC Schools Chancellor Gives Hope to Mid-Life Career Changers Everywhere

So three years ago this guy who works in Brooklyn, Sam (not his real name), decided that he wanted to change careers at the age of 50. He's worked in publishing for years, but thought he could better serve as a New York City teacher. So he enrolled in a night time Masters degree program and after many tests,  papers and hours of classroom observation, earned the necessary credentials -- right in time for the city's teacher hiring freeze.

After persistently trying and failing to get into a classroom this past September -- the freeze continues -- Sam gave up and kept his publishing job, pretty bummed out by the whole thing (and still paying for his degree).

But now, he has new hope. It seems that another mid-life career changer with years of experience in publishing is about to be hired at the New York City Department of Education. Cathie Black, 66, chairwoman of Hearst Magazines, was named by Mayor Bloomberg as the successor to Schools Chancellor Joel Klein last week.

Unlike Sam, Black has no Masters degree. She doesn't have the least bit of public school experience, either.

The appointment of Black should give mid-career changers everywhere hope:
Dream your dreams, and to hell with those pesky degrees. You can achieve anything -- it helps, however, if you know the Mayor.

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Here are several places where you can read more about Ms. Black's appointment:  New York Times --  Huff Post -- Online Petition -- Brooklyn Eagle

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