Friday, November 19, 2010

Prospect Park Geese: 'Chasing Them Off with Border Collies Patrolling in Boats'

The New York Times reports that officials at Prospect Park are mulling ways to reduce the number of Canada geese without actually killing them.

Solutions so far range from coating goose eggs with oil, to forbidding the feeding of geese, or -- instant winner! -- "chasing them off with border collies patrolling from boats."

Where do we vote?
We would love to see intrepid and ever-vigilant border collies patrolling Prospect Park in boats.

We can picture it so many different ways.

This one is after the latest round of budget cuts. In this scenario, we can't afford to feed the dogs, but they get to eat the geese. Sorry.

But when they're all gone, we'll miss them.

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Chicken Underwear said...

The Google ad in this post says "Are you walking and playing in Goose Dropings". It links to

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mcbrooklyn said...

That's hilarious. My ad says, "Shop Canada Goose for Men.

Anonymous said...

TSA agents are now required to grope-search all border collies on bird duty to protect our airspace.