Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kicking Out the Vendors Not the Biggest Coney Island Story

 Much media attention has recently been focused on the new Coney Island amusement parks and the eviction of nine Coney vendors.

But the real Coney story is one that will start after next summer, says Brooklyn Eagle's Dennis Holt. This is when the second and most ambitious effort will probably begin — the construction of apartment buildings and hotels "that will change Coney Island more than all the changes in the amusement area."

Holt says, "If this new plan is actually consummated, it is almost impossible to predict what the impacts will be on this peninsula . . ."

Read the whole story at the Eagle

Illustration: Detail of CIDC Map of of Coney Island Redevelopment Plan. Salmon and cream color denote residential and residential towers.

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