Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Squirrels Are Getting Ready for Winter Now

This squirrel (you can see it on the branch to the lower right) was running up and down to the nest (that big pile of leaves on top) with little pieces of soft tissue in its mouth.

On squirrels.org we read: "An adult squirrel normally lives alone. But will, in severe cold, share its nest with other squirrels to conserve body heat. Once the temperature rises, the guests will be on their way."

In HWW we read that squirrels have a litter in summer and also in late winter. "Although the squirrel prefers to build its nest in a cavity inside a tree, it is often forced to resort to a leaf nest because of the scarcity of suitable tree dens and the unhealthy conditions of these dens after they have been lived in for several months."

The newborn young are naked and blind and weigh about 15 g.

 Here's a photo of a baby squirrel from Wikipedia, uploaded by Babbage. Awww!

Top photo by MK Metz

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