Friday, November 5, 2010

Now We Can Use Any 'Cooks Source' Recipes for Free?

What fun! After plagiarizing a blogger's work without telling her and without compensation, Cooks Source editor Judith Griggs sent an absolutely ignorant and degrading letter to the blogger, Monica Gaudio, after she complained about be ripped off. Griggs told her that the entire web is "public domain," that her draft of the story sucked and she should be thankful to have an edited clip, and that Gaudio should pay her for all the editing work she did. (See NY Magazine.)

When Gaudio explained her dilemma online, a mighty Internet firestorm broke out, with people writing their thoughtful expressions of disagreement on Cooks Source Facebook page.

But something good comes of this. Now it occurs to us that we can finally start that cooking section we've always thought about but never had time to put together. Yay! Public domain recipes! Free for life! We thank Cooks Source for educating us about the entire web being public domain, and intend to make good use of this new source of cooking facts and recipes.


UPDATE: Cooks Source throws in the towel. They apologized to Ms. Gaudio --  but they also blame nameless "hackers" out there for their troubles.

UPDATE: More trouble for Cooks Source: it appears they have illegally plagiarized hundreds of articles. And here.
Photo by clevercupcake, Creative Commons license.

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Anonymous said...

Here's a page listing other articles that Cooks Source stole from other magazines and web sites like NPR and Weight Watchers.
They really are scum...

Anonymous said...

recipes aren't copyrightable generally.

Anonymous said...

These were whole articles they copied word for word, not just the recipes.

JadeDragon@innovativepassiveincome said...

Griggs put up a second apology and than killed off her site completely. The second post is here:

Local media reports the magazine has folded completely, after she talked about going on clearly there is zero hope.

Anonymous said...

Griggs is digging a deeper and deeper hole with her communications. Now she says that Gaudio didn't give her a chance to respond. But she did respond, and the world read her response. Lesson to us all. If we've behaved like a dick, suck it up, apologize, pay the bill and move on.