Saturday, November 13, 2010

Getting Naked at Brooklyn Law School; Veterans Pissed; and More Brooklyn Briefs

- Friday's fire at 17th Street and 5th Ave. in Brooklyn: details from commenters.  Brownstoner

- Half-naked Diesel models in Brooklyn Law School library "shocks" BLS.  Brooklyn Eagle

- Veterans pissed at condition of Brooklyn's WWII War Memorial.  Brooklyn Paper

- NYU adjunct professors are about to go on strike. What about Polytechnic adjunct professors, whose salaries remain shrouded in mystery?  NYUNews and  Poverty in America

- Who knew that electing cretins as governors in other states might be a boon to NY's rail infrastructure? Brooklyn Streets, Carroll Gardens

- For real? McCarren Park wins "Best Park in America" contest.  Brooklyn Eagle

- Why Facebook probably isn't launching an email service.  Fast Company 

- Why Facebook probably IS launching an email service.  Gizmoto 

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Anonymous said...

Naken or naked? I'll check my Black's Law Dictionary...

mcbrooklyn said...

Oops -- fixed the typo. We actually started with nekked, but thought better of it.

Anonymous said...

Cool--nekked or nekkid would've worked. Why the hesitancy--neither word is illegal?

But today's post--reag or reggae? Perhaps you're eyes are tired from the eye-pooping (but tame) photos.

And if you're doing PS 8 fundraisers, PS 29 has one this week:

mcbrooklyn said...

Gotta stop these 3 a.m. postings . . . Thanks for the PS29 info.