Friday, May 23, 2014

That's It for Long Island College Hospital. Thanks for Trying, Brooklyn

Photo: MK Metz,
To the nurses, Patients for LICH, health care workers, stroller moms, Cobble Hill Association and other associations,  Concerned Physicians, elected officials, Jim Walden and other attorneys, Justice Johnny Lee Baynes, and all people who tried their best to save Long Island College Hospital:

Thank you for all your marches and protests in the rain and snow, meetings, research, time away from your families, weekends blown, speeches and letter-writing campaigns.

You folks are the best. You achieved the most you could against a state hell-bent on destroying a hospital for reasons that have nothing to do with health.

Be proud of what you achieved.

In three or four years (after perhaps a few bribes pass under the table) a decision will be made that a hospital is needed in the same approximate area.

Keep healthy.

Remember it all started with Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Brooklyn judge approves plan to sell LICH to developer Peebles

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Anonymous said...

It was unrealistic to think LICH could stay open a half a billion in debt.

Anonymous said...

I disagree that it all started with Governor Cuomo. In my opinion, it all started with Continuum. Then again, the governor has been silent on the issue. If you're not part of the solution, etc.

Anonymous said...

So well said, McBrooklyn.

Also, it's obvious from the comment above about the so-called debt that many people have swallowed the SUNY story without examining the facts.