Thursday, May 1, 2014

Chaos: LICH Bidder BHP Dragging SUNY to Brooklyn Court Friday Morning

LICH ER. Photo: MK Metz,
The inevitable chaotic denouement to the SUNY-LICH battle is playing out before our eyes in Brooklyn:

Brooklyn Health Partners is seeking an injunction against SUNY for trying to end their negotiations to buy Long Island College Hospital (LICH) and move on to their preferred partner, the non-hospital bidder Don Peebles.

Merrell Schexnydre, CEO of BHP, told the Brooklyn Eagle at state Supreme Court in Brooklyn on Thursday, “We’re trying to insure that we’ll get a full service hospital here in Brooklyn. We were afraid because the SUNY counsel sent us a letter that they may disqualify us for reasons that we don’t believe are fair. And for that reason we came and asked the judge to look at our side of the equation.”

Schexnydre said the California-based group, which won the bidding war for LICH after residents fought for more than a year to keep LICH open, is committed to "bringing a full-service, state of the art hospital to Brooklyn."

LICH case back to court in Brooklyn Friday: Bidder seeks injunction against SUNY [Brooklyn Eagle]

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Anonymous said...

I keep telling you: it's all smoke and mirrors and DeBlasio sold you a bill of goods. If you want guarantees, you need the right to enforce those guarantees, the ability to impose penalties and the right and ability to collect on those penalties. The LICH agreements, even that "won" by Walden, lack these basic provisions. There is no "big man" here and there won't be. This deal was baked a long time ago and Justices Baynes et al ain't changing it. Welcome to Brooklyn, MK.