Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Big Man Is Back? De Blasio Urges SUNY to Drop BHP, Find Other LICH Operator

P.A. de Blasio in 2013. Photo: MK Metz, McBrooklyn.ccom
 Mayor Bill de Blasio, so crucial in fighting for Long Island College Hospital (LICH) as Public Advocate, has been less visible since becoming Mayor, seeming to have put the whole saving LICH thing on cruise control.

Until this week, when the stories started flying that negotiations between SUNY and Brooklyn Health Partners, a hastily-thrown together group with a very thin background in healthcare -- were headed south.

Now we are hearing from the Mayor, who wants SUNY to dump BHP and get a group with more of whatever it takes to run the 155-year-old hospital.

This is what happens when you let SUNY run things. One giant cluster fruck after another. More.

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