Friday, April 4, 2014

Despite Hospital Pick for LICH, Supporters Remain Cautious

Yesterday SUNY announced that Brooklyn Health Partners' bid for Long Island College Hospital scored highest in the RFP process.

BHP offers to operate a full-service hospital on the LICH campus, which is what supporters have been fighting for. But members of the LICH coalition are restrained in their applause.

The scoring of the proposals is questioned becasue the bids that came in second and third are not hospital bids. The RFP requires hospital bids be scored higher than non-hospital bids. This "irregularity" is a flag to LICH advocates who have spent the last year fighting SUNY's illegal attempts to close LICH and non-stop rule-brealing.

There are two other qualified hospitals that somehow ranked lower on the list.

Advocates fully expect SUNY to find a reason to drop BHP and move on to their real choice -- Peebles, which came in second, or Fortis, in third place.

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