Sunday, April 20, 2014

Big Crowd for Brooklyn Heights Easter Egg Hunt at Pierrepont Playground

Photos by MK Metz,
The line for the Brooklyn Heights Annual Spring Egg Hunt at Pierrepont Playground on Saturday again reached Remsen Street or possibly beyond, well before the gates opened at 10 a.m.

Heather White, president of the Brooklyn Heights Playground Committee, told the Brooklyn Eagle that the organization “hid thousands of eggs,” and “re-egged” as the line wound into the playground.

The eggs actually ran out before the last kid made it through the gate but the children seemed to have a great time running around in the sun with hundreds of other kids anyway. Heights Kids handed out hundreds of balloons, which was a treat, and some savvy parents even brought their own eggs to surreptitiously scatter near their kids...

These boys look like they're comparing notes.

"Put it in the basket." 
"I don't wanna!"

Neighbors brought a pair of Holland “mini-lops” -- fuzzy bunnies -- for kids to pet. They were very popular.

Photos by MK Metz,
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