Friday, April 4, 2014

From Bloomberg: Brooklyn Is Shifting NYC's Center of Gravity

Photo: MK Metz,
 An article on -- "Brooklyn’s Hipster Economy Challenges Manhattan Supremacy" -- describes Brooklyn’s "cachet as a global brand and epitome of urban hipsterdom," which is "shifting New York City’s center of gravity, reducing the supremacy of Manhattan across the East River and exerting more influence on New York’s political, economic and cultural life."

From a booming population to growing political power, Brooklyn has become the borough of MORE:

- More people
- More restaurants
(- Less crime)
- More jobs
- More sports
- More expensive residences
- More arts
- More political power
- More soul
- More enterprise
- More media
- More gentrification

In related news, the Daily News reports that the median rent in Brooklyn is now $2,890 — up 11.6% in just a year.

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