Monday, April 28, 2014

This Is Where We Are Heading After a Disaster in Brooklyn

Post-disaster housing prototype. Photo: MK Metz, McBrooklyn
This 3-story structure popped up on Cadman Plaza East in Downtown Brooklyn on Saturday.

It's the Office of Emergency Management's (OEM) "post-disaster" housing prototype, and they've been working on it for about 6 years, according to the Brooklyn Eagle.

With bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom, AC and other features, it sounds as comfy as can be. (The architect told the Eagle they were modeled on Brownstone Brooklyn.)

The units will be installed in vacant lots, dead-end streets, and parking lots. The idea is to keep residents in their own neighborhoods while they recover from the disaster.

Much testing still needs to be done, but if it works out, these may be where we live after a future Sandy-type disaster.

NYC tests post-disaster housing in Downtown Brooklyn [Brooklyn Eagle]

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