Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Here's That Rat on the Brooklyn Subway Video. Shrieking Riders Get No Sympathy from Viewers

Here's that rat that scampered all around the A train yesterday near Fulton Street, causing grown New Yorkers to shriek and stand on subway seats.

Some of the comments on YouTube are hard, just hard:

"Next time someone says they are tough because they lived in new york I'm going to show them this."

"Pussification of America. That's why you will all fall. HAIL HYDRA!"

"People in third world countries will laugh at these people hahah"

"It occurred to no one that they can kick it, debone, and stir fry until golden brown? (-.-) Such first world problem… ;P"

Thank goodness some kind souls thought about the rat:

"That rat is gonna need some serious trauma counseling after having gone through this." 

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