Monday, November 10, 2014

Homer Fink's Last Brooklyn Heights Walking Tour (of 2014)

Brooklyn Bugle Media Kingpin Homer Fink (Brooklyn Heights Blog, Cobble Hill Blog, The Brooklyn Bugle) sends word that he is hosting the "amped up 2014 version" of his “Hidden Brooklyn Heights” walking tour.

Fink says: Think you've seen all the sights in Brooklyn Heights? Guess again! Learn about some of the odd, weird, controversial and amusing history of America’s First Suburb.

"This is 90 minutes of fun!"

Important point: Some of the subject matter is "R" rated, so attendees should be 17 or older/ parental discretion advised.

The tour takes off from the Clinton Street entrance to St. Ann's. More info:

WHEN: Saturday, November 22 at 11AM
WHERE: St. Ann and the Holy Trinity Church (Clinton Street side)

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