Friday, November 7, 2014

Pretty, Shiny Things Light Up DUMBO ... or Not

Photos by MK Metz
DUMBO was awash in light Thursday night for the kickoff of the inaugural New York Festival of Light (NYFOL).

The Manhattan Bridge Archway was an explosion of dancing light figures, glowing artworks and glittery, shiny things. A DJ was surrounded by lit panels,  and food trucks parked next to the party.

The event continues from 5 to 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, under and around the Archway and Pearl Street Triangle.

UPDATE: It was soooo crowded in DUMBO on Saturday organizers actually had to shut the festival down almost three hours early. Friends reported they couldn't get to the subway and couldn't even walk near the Archway.

Luckily the crowd was well-behaved and no one had to get to a hospital. The F train at York was closed because of overcrowding, and streams of people (rivaling the July 4th crowd) headed into the Heights and Downtown Brooklyn to catch the subway.

Don't want to draw any larger conclusions here about land use and planning, but . . .

UPDATE 2: In-depth description of the crowd situation that took place on Saturday

Updated Monday

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