Thursday, November 20, 2014

Oh No You Don't: Brooklyn Bans SantaCon 2014 from Bushwick Park Kick Off

SantaCon 2011 at Grand Central. Photo* by MK Metz
The days of SantaCon being a kooky counterculture send up of the Santa concept are waaaay over.

Organizers for the annual costumed pub crawl/ drunk fest, who wanted to kick off this year's festivities in Maria Hernandez Park in Bushwick, Brooklyn, were told to forget about it, according to DNA info.

The group wanted to use the park as a gathering and set-up point for the Dec. 13 event, which attracts about 30,000 Santa-clad, slobbering, puking idiots.

The park is too small and the idiots are so many, Parks officials explained to DNA.

City Councilmember Rafael Espinal, Jr., released a statement asking bars to keep the Santas out.

Saying the nasty Santas left neighborhoods in shambles, he wrote, "I think I speak for many of my constituents and bar patrons when I say that we're not ready for a 'Santification' of Bushwick."

Gothamist links to the Boycott SantaCon website that is pretty hilarious. It calls SantaCon, "The most douchebag event of the year."

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