Friday, February 20, 2015

Convicted: Hit-and-Run Con Who Killed Young Williamsburg Couple

"Sorry, it was an accident," convicted killer Julio Acevedo said in this jailhouse interview posted on YouTube by JewsOnTelevision.

Acevedo was driving a borrowed BMW 70 mph in 2013 when he crashed into a car carrying Williamsburg couple Nathan and Raizy Glauber, who was pregnant, on their way to Long Island College Hospital (LICH). The prematurely-born baby also died.

He was convicted Thursday in a Brooklyn court.

The NY Daily News says Brooklyn DA Kenneth Thompson "personally attended the evening verdict ... a signal of the importance of the trial that was closely-watched in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community where the victims were members."

Acevedo was caught for DWI two weeks before the incident but was released without bail "by a judge who didn’t suspend his license as required," the News says.

He previously killed the "original" 50 Cent, Kelvin Martin, a Brooklyn murderer who killed as many as 30 people, according to the Daily Beast. Acevedo was a member of Martin's "crew."

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