Monday, February 23, 2015

Tolls on East River Bridges, and More Brooklyn Briefs

Invertebrates, St. Ann's School students. Photo: MK Metz

- Barclay's Center is about 63% behind its profit goals. [Atlantic Yards Report]

- Move NY plan to charge tolls on East River bridges gets airing in Boerum Hill. [Brooklyn Eagle]

- Nothing official, but word is that Brooklyn City Council Member Vincent Gentile is the most likely to get the nod as the Dem candidate in the special election to replace Michael Grimm. [Gotham Gazette]

- Juice Press is coming to Henry Street in Brooklyn Heights. [Brooklyn Heights Blog]

- Billboard in ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighborhood angers many of the locals. [Failed Messiah]

- Brooklyn Heights Association Annual Meeting on Tuesday features music & architecture critic Justin Davidson. [Brooklyn Eagle]

- Brooklyn BP Adams launches Access-Friendly NYC, promoting more accessibility in public buildings across the city. [NY Daily News]

- The NYPD is searching for a woman accused of “handle surfing” cases in Staten Island and Brooklyn. [CBSlocal]

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